KIDS (2-3 Years)     

Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet is perfect for little ballerinas for introduction to music and movement.  Rhythm and creative dance are introduced using props like wands and ball to develop body awareness.


Sundays 4pm-4:40pm


KIDS (4-6 Years)

Pre-Primary Ballet   Students will learn fundamental movements of ballet in a creative and fun environment. This will develop their physical skills, balance, flexibility, rhythm and most importantly, their social skills


Sundays 4:30pm-5:10pm

Tuesdays 4:20pm-5pm


KIDS (7-13 Years)

The Perfect Age for a ready to bloom ballerina. In this Class students drilled with the technique and the training to make them excellent ballerinas from a young age.


Sundays 5pm-6pm

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm




Latin Dance for kids is a lively program to develop their confidence and interpersonal skills. Learning to dance, especially with partner will help children to gain better sense of body control. It also encourages good poise, and develops coordination of mind and muscles.


(5-8 Years) Tuesdays 6pm-7pm

(7-13 Years) Mondays 5pm-6pm



This dance cum fitness regimen is fun and captivating with the characteristic energy, vigor, funk, attitude and above all movement and rhythm. Though enjoyable as a dance it is a guaranteed full fitness and cardio exercise as well. This is a fun one, don’t miss out.


Thursdays 6pm-7pm




Elegance, Balance, precision technique and all the qualities needed by this age group can be acquired through this Classes.


Saturdays 12pm-1pm




Hip hop for teens is a course designed to allow student to dance without limitation by rules of techniques. Its an opportunity to get your teens involved in a healthy, fun and challenging activity.


Mondays 5pm-6pm


Flow and isolations. In contemporary dance movements are often fluid and lyrical and flow into each other. Of course there are exceptions and different styles and techniques of contemporary dance have different preferences. Jazz dance on the other hand, is often more jerky, syncopated and with high levels of energy. This is a great Class for this vivacious age group.


Wednesdays 6pm-7pm



From Professional Samba, Chacha, Tango to Salsa and Cuban Rueda, teens here will learn the latin dance forms which boasts of musicality, fun and as well discipline.


Mondays 6pm-7pm




Salsa LA Style


Our adult Salsa Classes for Beginners gives you the chance to master the basics of this fun, sociable and energetic partner-dance style. No matter how nervous you feel on your first night, by the end of the course you’ll be Salsa dancing with style.


Salsa Improvers helps to increase dance confidence while learning new moves. On this course you’ll learn a range of techniques while having the chance to inject your own personality and natural creativity into your movement combinations.


Salsa Beginner Course – Saturdays 4pm-5pm  & Mondays 9pm-10pm

Salsa Beginner Walk-In Class – Wednesdays 9pm-10pm

Salsa Improver Course – Saturdays 6pm-7pm & Sundays 8pm-9pm

Salsa Improver Walk-In Class – Tuesdays 9pm-10pm



Salsa On2

 Beginner / Improver

Salsa “On2” is also popularly known as Mambo, and N.Y. Club Style Salsa Characterized by hyper musicality, shines and interesting patnerwork patterns. This class breeds musicality and creativity. 


Thursdays 8pm-9pm

Cuban Salsa and Rueda Class

Salsa Cubana also referred to as Casino Style traces its origin as a partner dance from Cuban Son, fused with partner figures and turns adopted from the Cuban Mambo, Cuban Cha Cha Cha, Rumba Guaguancó and North American Jive. As with Son, Danzón and Cha Cha Cha, it is traditionally, though less often today, danced a contratiempo

Cuban Rueda (Casino Style) is a salsa round dance of two or more couples synchronizing with cuban salsa patterns and figures . Its fun, Interesting and creates this excitements and bond among the dancers.


Saturdays 2pm-3pm

Mondays  8pm-9pm




Bachata beginner is a comprehensive course teaching you how to dance and be able to feel comfortable dancing socially. By the end of your Bachata course, you can expect to be comfortable with the basic steps, turns, passes and variations which will be combined in easy but impressively looking routines you can put in practice at any social event or party.


For those who have been dancing Bachata socially and are looking to extend on their Bachata social moves this is the course for you. Here we teach easily lead turn patterns, as well as extending on other more advanced techniques and styling. This course will focus on high intermediate level turns and turn pattern combinations, how to maintain balance and connection with your partner while incorporating directional changes & intricate moves, improving musicality, how to remember shines and turn patterns and use them in different combinations


Mondays 8pm-9pm

Wednesdays 8pm-9pm


Open Level

As with other Latin social dances, Kizomba combines elements of European ballroom dance with African dance movement and timing. in Kizomba there are a variety of dance moves that bring the dancers temporarily away from the basic step patterns.


Kizomba Course – Saturdays 5pm-6pm & Sundays 9pm-10pm

Kizomba Walk-In Class – Tuesdays 8pm-9pm 

Afro House Kuduro

Afro House is an energetic dance style that originated in Africa.  It is an  infectious, pulsating music and dance that races along at about 140 beats per minute. It’s awesome fun and a great workout


Saturdays 7pm-8pm


American Smooth

American Smooth is comprised of four dances: Slow Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz. The greatest difference between American Smooth and International Standard is the couple’s freedom to break frame and open up into big sweeping lines.

American Rhythm

American Rhythm is a fun style which, when combined with Latin, can give dancers of all levels a large vocabulary of steps from which to choose. Of the five, Rhythm is the most playful style.


Tango is a beautiful, simple language of improvisational social dance. Tango helps coordination of the mind and body. It is a good cardiovascular exercise and increases mobility, balance, stride length and core strength. It is the ideal exercise for social, mental and physical well-being across the ages.


Saturdays 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Thursdays 8:30pm – 9:30pm


Adult Classes

Whatever the reason, learning ballet especially for the first time seems like a daunting feat! This Class for Adults is designed to help guide the student become a ballerina with well and suitable drills and instruction.This class is for Absolute beginner and improvers


Saturdays 1pm-2pm

Tuesdays 10:15am-11:30am & 6pm-7pm

Workshop for Dancers

This Class hinges more on the Neo Classique Style Ballet for intermediate to experienced Dancers. This Classes mixes up elements of other dance forms to further help the dancers grow.


Tuesdays 11:30am-12:30pm


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.


Saturdays 4pm-5pm

Tuesdays 7pm-8pm


This class gives you the understanding of basic belly dance technique, posturing, language, move execution and it helps you to build necessary strength.


Sundays 7pm-8pm


We Offer Training on the fundamentals of Digital Photography and how to take and make good Photos through understanding of Optics and lighting and whats required in specific areas of photography like Portraiture, food and beverages, Products, Architecture and Landscaper Photography





Ladies Class

Twerking strengthens muscles in just about every part of your body! Not only do you sculpt, tone and grow your badonkadonk, your thighs become super strong, your hip flexibility increases and more than anything, boosts your confidence.  You can burn up to 500 calories in 60 minutes of twerk.


Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm-8pm

Step Aerobics

Ladies, this is a highly energetic workout you might want to be a part of.
Join us weekly and enjoy this amazing cardio exercise that leaves you pumped, energized and ready to take off running throughout your whole day.

Step Aerobics as described is a great workout designed to target the body’s cardiovascular system improving upon its all-round efficiency in the absorbsion and transportation of oxygen around the body. It will also help increase your stamina levels and tone your body in all the right places.

Stretch and Flex Class

Are you a hard-working mum or single lady who sits at the desk

all day not moving around much?
Then this class is for you. Studies show that lack of functional fitness in both men and women leads to difficulties in daily living and increased susceptibility to diseases.
If you are looking for a fun, easy way to relax through exercise, why not join our 
Here we incorporation dance related movements as well as music to create a relaxing atmosphere in which to destress and rejuvenate.


Sundays 11am-12pm

Tuesdays 7pm-8pm

Wednesdays 11am-12pm

Brazilian Body (Abs, Butt and Thighs)

We present our special lower body workout session.
Have you always wanted to get that amazing butt you have always dreamt of but have never quite been able to attain?
Then this class is for you. Come join us in our amazing class which tightens your lover abs, tones your thighs and gives you that special butt-lift you have always wanted.


Sundays 6pm-7pm

Thursdays 7pm-8pm


Who loves Zumba?
We certainly do here at Ginger Dance and Arts and are proud to bring this to you.
Everyone loves a great Zumba workout. It’s benefits to the body, spirit and mind have been well told over the years since its birth. We wish to bring this to you ladies as one of our mouthwatering offers at Ginger Dance and Arts. We have amazing instructors ready to share their positive energetic vibes with you.
Sign up and you will be glad you did!


Zumba Step – Mondays & Wednesdays 10am-11am 

Zumba – Sundays and Wednesdays 7pm-8pm & Thursdays 11am-12pm


Our Yoga classes are New, Sizzling and Ready to go. In our new state-of-the-art dance studios located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, why not join our expert Yoga instructors and experience the amazing classes they have to offer. as they takes you on a journey into the heart of movement and flow.
We look forward to welcoming you…

Ashtanga Yoga (Mixed Gender) – Saturdays 12pm-1pm

Ashtanga Yoga (Ladies Only) – Thursdays 6pm

K SERIES Weight loss Program

Is your child over-weight?; Are you looking for the perfect after-school activity for your child, or are you simply looking for a great fitness regimen for your child on a daily/weekly basis? Then this program is for you!!!
This program is a triple-combo which has been designed by our trainers to cater precisely to your children’s welfare and physical needs.
It incorporates cardiovascular, strength and flexibility based exercises to ensure that your child gets the best all-round training necessary for both good physical and brain developmental purposes. Your child also attains the perfect balance important inwardly as well as outwardly with which to cope with daily life and living.
We combine FITNESS with FUN!!!

Kids Hip Hop

It is often said the best way to lose weight is through Dance. The children are taught great routines to their song of choice and are themselves encouraged to be innovative and unique by creating routines of their own through class taught sequences, thereby giving them the opportunity to build upon self-confidence and expression.

Tuesdays (5-8 year Olds) 5pm-6pm

Wednesdays (7-13 year Olds) 5pm-6pm

Kid Capoeira

Capoeira is a martial art form hailing from Brazil. We learn to conquer fears and inhibitions through movement. The children get to learn a new skill set which would be found most valuable for the future. They get to make friends and connect with their peers in new ways. This class is a must have.


Sundays and Thursdays 5pm-6pm


Circuits Training

Instruments are placed in a circular fashion around the studio hall. These instruments might include mats, light hand weights, stretch bands, balls, etc. At the call of the trainer at hand, the children are grouped based on age and ability and are required to perform drills using these instruments on a timed basis. The children get an amazing workout and get to understand the importance of team-work, partnership, togetherness and positive spirit.


Sundays 6pm-7pm

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